TAC 9/29/21 - CIMView

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TAC 9/29/21

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

The most contentious and important topic of discussion in today’s TAC was NPRR 1093 (and two associated OBDRRs, 032 and 033).  These rule changes enable relay controlled loads to supply Non Spin reserves.  Some generators and co-ops were against it based on what they described as fairness issues, but seemed to be mostly revenue loss issues.  After much debate the NPRR passed 22 to 6.  Also, ERCOT pointed out that TAC is supposed to review the reliability deployment proxy bid curve for ERS on an annual basis.  TAC has delegated this to WMS.  Finally, three other NPRRs related to ERS passed with only a little opposition. Beyond that, the rest of the meeting was reports of the various subcommittees which I have reported on previously.



  • Emergency Conditions List Review
    • 122 (dynamic load shed ratios) and 128 (Emergency Communications) are still in discussion
    • 48 (ERS Performance) has been handled by NPRR 1090
    • 50 (DR Performance) and 62 (Load Resource and ERS participation by critical infrastructure) were handled by 1087
    • 93 (Load forecasting) and 94 (Extreme case planning) are still being discussed at SAWG/PLWG
    • 100 (Performance of storage resources providing FFR during Uri event) has been closed because no storage resources provided FFR during Uri
    • 19 (Bad initial estimates from IDR meters) this will be handled by transitioning from IDR meters to AMS meters
    • 8 (twice annual RMS preparation discussions) – first will be on 11/2/2021 after RMS
  • Market Impact Statements/ERCOT opinions on NPRRs
    • ERCOT supports all NPRRs
  • NPRRs
    • 1082, 1087, 1090 -ERS changes related to URI
      • All passed, little opposition
    • 1093 – loads can provide Non Spin reserves
      • Passed with some opposition
      • Recognition from PUC staff that there are issues that need to be addressed, but they should be addressed in other NPRRs so that this can be passed immediately and partially implemented by August 2022
  • ERCOT Reports
    • Port Lavaca Area Improvement
      • This due to old (1949-1953) infrastructure needing replacement
      • Eric Goff asked if ERCOT could report on how much other old infrastructure was out there
      • ERCOT will get back to TAC with that info
    • Revisions to boundary threshold
      • ERCOT can now accept TDSPs load forecasts over ERCOTs load forecasts if <= 7.5% over ERCOT’s.  (was 5%)


Discussed Issues