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Bridging the Gap Between Experience and Data

As highly trained professionals, we offer smart solutions for ERCOT market participants. We pride ourselves on our deep knowledge of the wholesale electricity market as well as responsive customer service. Plus, our customers get access to ERCOT data and reporting/automation tools with the help of our software. Your needs will be met, no matter what they are and no matter what your preferred format is from short classes to strategy conversations.

15 Years of Experience in ERCOT Marketplace

We provide smart solutions for ERCOT market participants of all sizes and pride ourselves on our responsive customer service.

We stand ready to analyze data, consult, or train. Contact us for anything ERCOT from in-depth analytical products, to short classes or strategy conversations.

Our Mission

At CIMView, we believe markets work better when all participants are well-informed. That’s why we’re on a mission to clarify the ERCOT marketplace for our customers with insightful meeting notes, expert analysis, and comprehensive data analytics.

Our Vision

Our vision at CIMView is a world where the wholesale electricity markets work for everyone. Knowing the intricacies of ERCOT shouldn’t just be for a select few, but for anyone who wishes to understand it.

The Numbers Say It All

Don’t take it from us. The numbers say it all.

50+ data tables

with key ERCOT data updated daily

60+ topics

updated with news from the latest ERCOT meetings

previous 25 CRR auctions

Option price calculator for the

Meet our team

Steve Reedy

Chief Executive Officer

Steve is an expert in wholesale electricity markets, particularly ERCOT. He brings analytical skills both as a market operator and a market participant. With exceptional communicational skills, Steve has demonstrated a knack for solving problems of any size in a professional environment.

Steve thrives when it comes to presenting to groups both large and small, whether it’s in a classroom, auditorium, or a web environment. Thanks to his extensive international experience, he can also work cross-culturally.

Greg Graham

Chief Technical Officer

With over 20 years of experience, Greg is a creative software developer and platform integration specialist with a focus on data. No matter how demanding the environment, he can develop solutions. These include database design and implementation, analytics and reporting, multithreaded application design, low latency algorithms, and network programming.

Greg has led groups of developers and analysts on projects ranging from software development to data analysis and reporting. With a special talent for diving deep into complex complex technical issues while maintaining focus on the bigger picture, Greg finds joy in unlocking business value from new technologies.