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Data and Software

Some ERCOT advisors specialize in either consulting or data and software solutions. At CIMView, we do both.

Back Your Decisions With Data

To make a truly informed decision regarding the ERCOT market, you need the right data. Discover our data and software services at CIMView to see how you’ll get the best insights in the field.

Data Driven Solutions

We’ve collected over 3 years of selected ERCOT data sets, and have imported some data going back even further. We use this data for consulting projects, to drive internal APIs, and reporting automation. Including a REST API for pricing CRR options on routes that didn’t participate in past auctions. Contact us for more information on how we can make our data work for you.

Software Solutions

The CIM Insight application can ingest the large CIM network models published by ERCOT and produce manageable PSSE Raw files for use in power flow simulations, such as Power World or the open source Mat Power. CIM Insight also produces “station one-line” diagrams and node-breaker diagrams around arbitrary points in the model.

Written for the highly performant .Net platform, CIM Insight treats the network model as a data source that can also be used to drive other applications written to customer specifications.

Turn challenges into opportunities. Get fair prices, track the market with precision, and truly understand the playing field.

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Custom Software

We develop our software in C#/.Net Core, Python, and Octave, targeting both Windows and Linux platforms. You’ll get access to our tools that create high performance data pipelines, web scraping and automated reports, and produce DC shift factors.

The Numbers Say It All

Don’t take it from us. The numbers say it all.

50+ data tables

with key ERCOT data updated daily

60+ topics

updated with news from the latest ERCOT meetings

previous 25 CRR auctions

Option Price Calculator For Paths That Were Not Bid Upon

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