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Data and Software

Some ERCOT advisors specialize in either consulting or data and software solutions. At CIMView, we do both.

Back Your Decisions With Data

To make a truly informed decision regarding the ERCOT market, you need the right data. Discover our data and software services at CIMView to see how you’ll get the best insights in the field.

CIM Insight

Our flagship product is a topology processor and much more. CIM Insight takes the ERCOT node/breaker model, the transmission outage data, temperature data, and a timestamp and produces a .raw file with all outage information reflected (including split buses) and line ratings that reflect the dynamic ratings at the provided temperatures.  Not only that, it also gives all the mapping files you need to tie it to ERCOT prices, settlement points, and DAM/RT constraints. CIM Insight also can produce station oneline diagrams for any/all stations in the ERCOT network. Contact us for more information on how you can get CIM Insight into your shop today. 

Historical Viewer

ERCOT publishes an incredible amount of data sixty days after the fact, up to and including offers.  But wading through hundreds of thousands of lines of csv data can be … daunting.  CIM View’s Sixty Day report viewer makes it easier by presenting the data in an intuitive, easy to understand format.  Contact us to get your reasonably priced seat today.

Turn challenges into opportunities. Get fair prices, track the market with precision, and truly understand the playing field.

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Option Pricer

Contact us to get access to our easy to use ERCOT CRR Option Pricer and instantly investigate any option price from the last 60 CRR Auctions and counting.

The Numbers Say It All

Don’t take it from us. The numbers say it all.

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previous 60 CRR auctions

Option Price Calculator For Paths That Were Not Bid Upon

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