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Emergency Response Service (ERS)

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Originally implemented as an interruptible load service (and called ERCOT Interruptible Load Service -EILS-,  ERS is an emergency service that ERCOT can deploy when Physical Responsive Capability (PRC) drops below 3000 MW (Previously ERS was deployed during EEA1 and 2, but NPRR1106 changed this to PRC<3000MW).  Providers of ERS can either be loads that are willing to curtail when called upon, or generators (for example backup generators on industrial or commercial sites) that are not normally operating, but agree to operate when called on by ERCOT.   ERCOT holds an auction to purchase ERS four times a year; each auction procures ERS for 8 different hourly blocks.  ERCOT has an annual $50M budget for ERS.

When ERS is deployed the deployed MWs are added to Generation to be Dispatched (GTBD) for the Reliability Deployment Price Adder (RDPA) pricing run.

Important Actions

  • 1/12/22 ERCOT presents the annual LTLF explaining the solar rooftop component and promising an electric vehicle component in the future.. 



PUC Substantive rules 25.507

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9/29/21 TAC


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