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NPRR1100 Create a Microgrid with Nearby Resource in Case of a Transmission Outage (Tesla)

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The Gist

NPRR1100 allows a resource and a co-located load to use an emergency switching solution (of DSP/TDSP system) to form a microgrid when both the resource and the load are disconnected from the grid by a transmission outage. NPRR1100 was filed by Tesla to allow them to use a utility scale battery near their Gigafactory to safely power it down during an outage.

Important Actions

  • 10/6/21 Tesla files NPRR.
  • 11/3/21 Tesla files comments that:
    • Changes the resource in question from just batteries to any resource
    • Clarifies that this micro-gridding should only happen during transmission outages, not during ERCOT directed load shed
  • 4/5/22 ERCOT files comments that treat all load consumed during the microgrid intervals as retail load (i.e. non Wholesale Storage Load).



Meeting Notes

4/6/22 WMS

3/25/22 WMWG

2/24/22 WMWG

1/28/22 WMWG

12/17/21 WMWG

12/1/21 WMS