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WMWG 3/25/22

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Executive Summary

Today’s Wholesale Market Working Group meeting was taken up almost entirely by NPRR1108(ERCOT to approve or deny all outages).  Generators as a group are very scared about what this will imply for their ability to schedule outages/outage crews.  Luminant has posted some comments that seem to present a fairly comprehensive set of concerns, but ERCOT appears to be mostly going ahead with the proposal as it currently stands (with the exception of how frequently they look at load forecasts to calculate the amount of available outages.)  This may be a contentious vote at WMS.  Beyond NPRR1108, there was a short update on the Tesla microgridding NPRR(1100) and the Blackstart Reform NPRR(1110).



  • NPRR1108(ERCOT to approve or deny all outages)- There was intensive discussion for about two hours on this NPRR, mostly centered around Luminant’s recent comments. ERCOT agreed that some of the issues might be concerning, but they feel that they need to get this approved quickly and they and the market can work out the kinks later.   The only thing that ERCOT really budged on was that they will calculate how much capacity is available more frequently than once per quarter.  ERCOT’s comments should be posted early next week and then this will be voted on at the next WMS and ROS (presumably then on to PRS, TAC, and the Board)
  • NPRR1100(Tesla microgridding)- ERCOT is working on comments related to the treatment of load that is purchased aas wholesale load but then used as retail load, hopefully this will be voted on at the next WMS.
  • NPRR1110(Black Start Reform)- There was an open meeting of the Black Start Working Group on the 10th; the current set of comments is pretty much the final consensus with the exception of how long the contract term will be (2, 3, or 4 years)  That decision will likely have to be made by a vote at ROS. 


Discussed Issues