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NPRR1110 Black Start Reform

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The Gist

NPRR1110 is a reform of the current black start resource procurement process.  It originally increased the contract term to four years (from two years), required that black start resources have enough fuel on site to run the resource at maximum output for 72 hours, among other things.  

Important Actions

  • 11/22/21 ERCOT files NPRR1110
  • 12/15/21 Black Start Working group pushes back on many of the provisions, particularly the contract term.
  • 4/6/22 WMS approves a version with a three year contract term and requiring 72 hours of fuel onsite.


Meeting Notes

4/6/22 WMS

3/25/22 WMWG

2/24/22 WMWG

1/5/22 WMS

12/14/21 PRS