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WMS 4/6/22

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Though the meeting was short (to make room in the schedule for the special PRS meeting later in the day), it was explosive, as WMS voted to keep the contentious outage approval NPRR(1108) tabled against the PUC’s express desires.  In other business the RUC market notice from Monday (4/4/22) was explained, NPRR1100(Tesla microgridding) was kept on hold, but there will be an explanatory phone call scheduled soon, and the Blackstart Reform NPRR(1110) was passed. 



  • NPRR1108(ERCOT to approve or deny all outages)- There was extensive discussion again on this issue.  Despite the express instruction of PUC Chair Lake to get this to the April board meeting (which was actually the main reason for the special PRS meeting scheduled for this afternoon), WMS voted to have the NPRR remain tabled.  All the same old reasons were reused, but a new reason (old units have been RUC’d a lot and will need more maintenance than previously) was raised as well.  ERCOT has requested that market participants file comments with suggestions.  There may be a workshop on this, but it is extremely unlikely that this will make the April board as requested.  It is not clear what the ERCOT governance implications will be.
  • NPRR1100(Blackstart Reform)- Passed with a three year term and required 72 hours of fuel.
  • NPRR1100(Tesla Microgridding)- Remained tabled as not everyone as able to digest the comments that ERCOT filed yesterday (new manual way to reclassify all load used in microgridding as retail load).  There will be a special call on with ERCOT and any stakeholder that is confused coming up (to be announced on WMS and PRS email exploders).
  • RUC Process Market Notice- ERCOT talked through their market notice sent on April 4th in which (under certain circumstances) the wrong offer costs were being used in the RUC optimization.  ERCOT emphasized that this usually had no effect, and when it did have an effect it was only in which resources were selected for RUCs, not for settlements or payments.

Discussed Issues