WMWG 10/25/21 - CIMView

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WMWG 10/25/21

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

WMWG had an extremely full agenda.  ERCOT (Nitika Mago) presented more detail on the 2022 AS Methodology and also presented analysis on what an ERCOT duck curve might look like in a few years.  ERCOT (Carl Raisch) also presented on what price responsive behavior they’ve seen in load resources (they haven’t seen much).  Luminant (Ian Haley) complained about a RUC that their Stryker Creek unit received (they updated the COP to ON just before the RUC, but ERCOT wouldn’t cancel the RUC).  NPRR1092 (reduce RUC offer floor) got a lot of push back from market participants.  ERCOT presented changes to NPRR1084 (Outage reporting)  Some resource owners thought that the new requirements were onerous.  You probably want to look at that NPRR (also attached) carefully. ERCOT introduced Key Topic Concepts regarding switchable batteries.



  • 2022 AS Methodology – The bulk of ERCOT’s presentation was defense of the methods and amounts, but market participants were still pushing back on the many conservative assumptions used to determine the amounts of RRS and NonSpin needed.  NRG (Bill Barnes) was particularly concerned about the continued practice of purchasing extra NonSpin (with 2 days notice) if the day was deemed to be highly variable.
  • The ERCOT duck curve presentation was very interesting.  Particularly interesting is their planned use of reserves to handle ramping issues.  I suggested they relook at their multi-interval SCED under those ramp levels.
  • ERCOT found very little evidence of price responsiveness in load resources.  The data was supposed to help the market come up with a proxy curve to use for deployed load resources in the Reliability Deployment Price Adder pricing run, but they will need to think further.
  • Luminant’s Stryker Creek resource received a RUC instruction on 10/13/21 even though it was on in the COP.  It was off in the COP when the RUC snapshot was taken, but Luminant turned it ON 3 minutes before the RUC instruction was sent.  ERCOT refused to rescind the RUC instruction and said that Luminant needed to just Opt-out.  Luminant is mostly okay with opting out but are worried that the Opt-out option might be taken away soon, so raised this issue.  It is complicated and will need to be discussed further.
  • NPRR1092 IMM still supports, wants now, lots of desire from market to wait to see if ORDC changes fix the issue.  IMM/ERCOT to present analysis for next meeting or next WMS (tbd).
  • NPRR1084 (Outage reporting) – ERCOT (Dan Woodfin) presented their comments on NPRR1084. There were many complaints about the additional workload implied by this NPRR with Luminant threatening to retire resources because of this. 

Discussed Issues