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NPRR1084 Report derates as outages

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The Gist

NPRR1084 was filed by ERCOT in response to concerns regarding generation outages during Winter Storm Uri.  It originally would require the entry of all forced outages and derates into the outage scheduler, regardless of the size or duration of the outage or derate within an hour of the start of the outage.  It also originally changed the definition of Forced Derate from “greater of ten MW or 5% of seasonal max” to “ten MW”.  Finally It also originally required a reason to be entered for each outage/derate and removed the protected status of outage information for outages that occur during or near EEAs.

The generation community was not happy about the increased burdens imposed by this NPRR and pushed back on the time requirement for entering outages and reasons and the size of a derate that needed to be entered.  ERCOT responded in comments that changed the deadline to enter reasons and adjusted the size of a forced derate that needed to be reported.  Generators felt that this wasn’t enough give and the issue is still being negotiated.

Important Actions

  • 10/15/21 Generators file comments complaining that the requirements are too harsh.
  • 10/22/21 ERCOT files comments that:
    • Removes the protected status of outage information changes, as that is being handled by NPRR1097
    • Changes the deadline to put in a reason code from “within an hour” to “when you get the information” – recognizing the validity of the generators’ complaint that they might not know the reason within an hour.


Meeting Notes

1/28/22 WMWG

1/5/22 WMS

12/17/21 WMWG

12/1/21 WMS

11/15/21 WMWG

11/3/21 WMS

10/25/21 WMWG