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WMS 3/2/22

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Executive Summary

The Wholesale Market Subcommittee meeting covered two noteworthy issues today.  First, Carl Raish gave his annual demand response analysis, which is always fascinating. (This year he added rooftop solar analysis, also fascinating).  Second, the minimum amount of NonSpin that needs to be supplied by “SCED dispatchable resources” (i.e. not load) was discussed.  ERCOT recommended a minimum of 25%, but a coalition of current providers of NonSpin (also not load) recommended a minimum of 1420MWs. WMS went with the 1420 MW recommendation.   



  • ERCOT Demand Response Analysis – ERCOT (Carl Raish) gave his normal (and excellent) annual presentation on demand response in ERCOT.  Intriguingly this year (for the first time in many years) it appears that there was *less* demand response than in previous years.  Perhaps this is due to curtailment fatigue after Winter Storm Uri?  Carl also analyzed rooftop solar in competitive (non-NOIE) areas and estimates that it was around 500MW peak in 2021 and growing. 
  • Loads providing NonSpin SCED dispatchable requirement ERCOT (Nitika Mago) presented its proposal for the minimum amount of NonSpin that will be required to be provided by SCED dispatchable resources.  It sounded like ERCOT couldn’t think of a good reason to establish any limit other than 0MW (no requirement for any NonSpin to be provided by SCED dispatchable resources) but settled on 25% to be safe.  The “joint commenters” (current major sellers of NonSpin led by STEC) proposed that instead ERCOT procure at least the “Most Severe Single Contingency” (1420MW) from SCED dispatchable resources.  Over the course of the 2022 AS plan this would be a 46% increase on the minimum amount proposed by ERCOT.  The Joint Commenter proposal was recommended by WMS.  
    • Presentation of voting items -Market participants were unhappy with the way that ERCOT only posted the proposed minimum of SCED dispatchable resources 
  • NPRR1118(Clarification to Outage Schedule Adjustment Process) was not discussed, but instead tabled and delegated to the Wholesale Market Working Group. 

Discussed Issues