PUC 1/27/22 - CIMView

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PUC 1/27/22

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

The commission dealt with four important ERCOT issues in today’s meeting; Southern Cross, Firm Fuel Service, CDR/SARA (Capacity, Demand and Reserves and Seasol Assessment of Resource Adequacy) reports, and NPRR1092 (reduction of RUC offer floor and removal of RUC opt out).


  • Firm Fuel Service – the commission stated that they all agree with Commissioner Cobos’s and Commissioner McAdams memos except that they may do a daily payment (contrary to Cobos statement) and that they should not require a must offer (contrary to McAdams) Essentially this should be a Blackstart or ERS like process for the first year with an August RFP.  Second year and beyond should be more market-like. Coal and Nuclear are apparently not eligible for the first round (winter of 23-24) of firm fuel.  Perhaps forthe second round (winter 24-25 and beyond) 
  • The commission will open a project for comments on what the future resource adequacy reports look like.  It seems McAdams wants them to be more accurate/reflective of our actual risk and Glotfelty wants them to be more readable by the general public and legislators/governor’s office.
  • The chairman weighed in on NPRR1092 in a memo, instructing ERCOT to approve it, but to change the offer floor to a straight $75/MWh (removing the 18* Fuel index price + $5 upon system implementation language).  I can’t recall a commission ever going into this level of detail on an NPRR.
  • There was more path clearing for the Southern Cross DC Tie project, but a clear statement that they didn’t want to open the doors for all DC Ties and that they would still be evaluated on a project by project basis. 

Discussed Issues