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PRS 2/9/22

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

PRS passed two contentious NPRRs (NPRR1096-battery duration for NonSpin and ECRS and NPRR1092-reduce RUC Offer Floor and remove Opt Out).  There was a lot of discussion on the issues, but essentially no new views.  NPRR1120(Firm Fuel Service) was discussed, and the Independent Market Monitor explained their comments (things that they would like to see included going forward).  There was more negotiation on NPRR1097(Forced Outage Report); STEC/LCRA will continue to negotiate with ERCOT, the final should be ready for next week’s special PRS.  Finally, a clean up NPRR for the Outage Schedule Adjustment process has been written by ERCOT.  It got assigned to WMS and ROS and bears watching for any operational changes it implements for the outage process.



  • Troy’s project update 
    • NPRR1108(ERCOT to approve or deny all outages), assuming approved soon, to be implemented in release 4 (July 26-28)
  • There will be a PRS meeting on Wednesday, Feb 16, for NPRR1120(Firm Fuel Service) and NPRR1097(Forced Outage Report)
  • NPRR1120(Firm Fuel Supply Service) – further discussion at special NPRR1120 workshop, but some discussion at PRS
    • The Independent Market Monitor (Carrie Bivens) discussed their comments
      • FFSS should be an auction with a clearing price, not pay as bid
      • Should be paid to resources that can operate during a disruption to the bulk gas system, not just to dual fuel or gas with storage.
      • If just dual fuel/gas with storage, then should take out HSL of deployed resources from ORDC reserve calculation (raising ORDC adders)
      • Penalties should be lower for non-fuel related failures (15 days vs 90 days)  
  • NPRR1096(Battery Duration for NonSpin)-ERCOT (Nitika Mago and Jeff Billo) re-reiterated their position that it was four hours for NonSpin or no new NonSpin qualifications.  There was continued concern from the battery community, but in the end it passed.  ERCOT did clearly state that they are open to more elegant solutions that involve system changes down the line.
  • NPRR1092(Reduce RUC Offer Floor and remove opt-out) – same people opposed for the same reasons.  There was some concern that the two main provisions (1-reduce offer floor, 2-remove opt out) won’t be implemented simultaneously; ERCOT will return with more clarity on implementation.
  • NPRR1097(Forced Outage Report)-LCRA and STEC submitted some comments; ERCOT (Dan Woodfin) had issues with the comments and made corrections; LCRA/STEC had issues with the ERCOT corrections.  The sides are close; the QSE information will probably be removed; it is likely that the provision that confidentiality is removed immediately during EEA3 events will be adjusted to say that only applies if the legislature is asking.  ERCOT and LCRA/STEC to discuss further and come back at next week’s special PRS.
  • NPRR1118(Clarifications to Outage Schedule Adjustment Process)  ERCOT introduced the concept that they need to clean up Protocol language regarding the OSA process to reflect what they are doing/what they want to happen.  This got referred to WMS and ROS and bears watching and relaying to operations teams.

Discussed Issues