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NPRR1097 Create a Forced Outage Report

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The Gist

On 6/30/21 the Public Utility Commission (PUC) issued an order in project 52266 waiving the 60 day confidentiality of outage reports and requiring ercot to post a report of forced resource outages three days after an operating day.  This NPRR contains language originally in NPRR1084 that puts that requirement into ERCOT protocols. 

Important Actions

  • 6/30/21 PUC issues an order waiving 60 confidentiality of outage information and directing ERCOT to publish an outage report with a three day lag.
  • 6/30/21 ERCOT files NPRR1084 implementing the order (including requiring generators to report certain resource capacity derating via the ERCOT Outage Scheduler application)
  • 9/29/21 PUC issues an order extending its first order.
  • 9/29/21 ERCOT files NPRR1097 implementing the outage report/confidentiality part of the order.
  • 10/22/21 ERCOT files comments to NPRR1084 removing the 60 day confidentiality and outage report language from NPRR1084 (since it is now in NPRR1097)
  • 2/16/22 PRS passes NPRR1097 with no Resource Entity information in the report and language clarifying htat the only people who get to see outage information instantly in an EEA event are Texas government folks.



Meeting Notes

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