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PRS 1/13/22

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

In today’s Protocol Revision Subcommittee (PRS) meeting three protocol changes incited significant discussion and ERCOT proposed a new working group.

Troy gave his usual update on project statuses, now with an implementation date of October 4th for FFR Advancement, which changes the ERCOT interface.  Three NPRRs caused some stir; 

NPRR1112, which would eliminate unsecured credit was tabled and sent to the Credit Working Group, but it should be back for a vote at the next PRS,

NPRR1097, which puts into protocols the resource outage report that the PUC Commissioners ordered last summer got tabled for a month to allow interested participants to lobby ERCOT to change or eliminate columns in the report, but given that the commission staff chimed in the discussion to support the concept as written, I would expect the basic idea (a three day lagging report with all forced out resources by name and reason) to pass next month, and 

NPRR1092, which reduces the RUC offer floor and removes the RUC Opt Out option, which has been heavily debated over the months, seems to be picking up support, as it passed 70-30.

Finally, ERCOT announced that it is starting up a Technology Working Group to allow them to better interact with people who build software that interfaces with the ERCOT system (to eliminate repeats of the FFR Advancement fiasco, where they had to delay implementation of an NPRR by ten months because the vendors were caught flat footed).  It would behoove you to make sure that any vendors you have (or members of your company) that write/maintain software that interfaces with ERCOT participate in this group.



  • Troy’s project update 
    • FFR advancement in release 5 (October 4-6)
    • Energy Management System (EMS) frozen from mid 2023 to mid 2024
  • ERCOT to create a Technology Working Group to monitor things like ERCOT/Market Participant interfaces.  Make sure your vendors (or your team if you do your interface software yourself) is involved. 
    • Look for a market notice to announce the first meeting
  • Mark Ruane gave a brief presentation on Securitization part N (for loads only)
  • NPRR1112 (Eliminate unsecured credit) – tabled so that it can be discussed in Credit Working Group.
  • NPRR1113 (Eliminate double counting of RegUp by CLRs) – endorsed on combo ballot
  • NPRR1114 (Securitization part N) – endorsed on the combo ballot
  • NPRR1092 (Reduce RUC Offer floor and take away RUC Opt-out) – Approved 70-30.  Some discussion, but no new arguments.
  • NPRR1097 (Put PUC ordered forced outage report into protocols) – In the wake of the June 2021 high prices the PUC Commissioners ordered that ERCOT publish which resources were forced out and why, which ERCOT has been doing.  This is an NPRR to sync up the protocols with the order.  TCPA filed comments amending the posting to an aggregate by fuel type, but ERCOT and commission staff are firm that it has to be “by unit” to comply with the order.  There is a strong desire to get this in front of the March Board Meeting so that the PUC doesn’t have to extend the order a second time.  This NPRR was granted urgent status and tabled so that the interested parties can negotiate for one month and still get it approved on time.
  • NPRR1111 (Let ERCOT tell a intermittent resource to obey its basepoint if it will help manage a GTC) – After this concept was endorsed by the Wholesale Market Subcommittee and the Reliability and Operations Subcommittee, it was approved on the combo ballot.

Discussed Issues

  • FFR
  • Securitization N
  • Technology Working Group
  • FFR Advancement
  • NPR 1111
  • NPRR1112
  • NPRR1113
  • NPRR1092
  • NPRR1097