PRS 10/14/21 - CIMView

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PRS 10/14/21

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

With most of the ERCOT world’s focus firmly on the PUC meeting, the PRS meeting was light today. NPRR1096 (6 hour requirement for ECRS and Non-Spin) was tabled for further discussion in sub-committees, as was NPRR1099 (giving ERCOT the ability to move resource node locations out of the distribution system for the 25-30 resource nodes that are currently located there). 



  • There is a lot of heartache about NPRR1099 and the possible movement of Resource Node locations, but moving a Resource Node from the distribution system up to the transmission system point of interconnect should not affect its valuation.
  • The 6 hour requirement for ECRS and Non-Spin is different than the 4 hour requirement being talked about at the commission
  • NPRR1095 (Texas SET V5.0 changes) was approved
  • NPRR1098 (DC Tie Reactive requirements) was passed
  • There will be a workshop led by Tesla on NPRR1100 (Emergency switching solutions for energy storage resources)


Discussed Issues