CMWG 10/18/21 - CIMView

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CMWG 10/18/21

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

This was a very quick Congestion Management Working Group meeting.  Most of the time was taken up with a report on the RUC for congestion on 9/21/2021 (long story short, it was as much for capacity as for congestion, it just wasn’t reported correctly).  Methods for improving CRR models for far into the future were discussed with no resolution.  ERCOT will come back with qualitative cost info for the different solutions next meeting.  There is some talk about possibly opening up the entire ERCOT CRR model building process.



  • RUC for congestion 9/21/21
    • 59 units recommended, 9 committed
    • Mostly for local Houston constraints and an unsolved Houston contingency
    • The call out of WESTEX GTC as a reason for RUC is probably inaccurate
      • Operators don’t have good tools to determine RUC causes.
    • More info next month, but it looks like RUC process not only uses highest load forecast, but lowest renewable forecast
  • Improving CRR models
    • Four solutions proposed
      • Back to back derate/rerate NOMCRs
        • Problem if the project pushes but the TSP doesn’t update the rerate NOMCR
      • Enddate for Derate NOMCRs
        • Same problem as above
        • Maybe have only the CRR model building tool use the enddate
      • Use outage scheduler for derates (already has enddate functionality)
        • ERCOT has not responded re: feasibility
      • Flag derates as temporary
        • Too vague, some derates are permanent or very long
    • Clayton Greer wants to open up the entire CRR model build process and get rid of the “worst day” methodology.  ERCOT is possibly open to this
  • RENA update – no update, no update on EPS meter issue (next month)

Discussed Issues