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CRR Auction Model Issues

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The Gist

ERCOT produces network models based on information contained in the ERCOT model database and the outage scheduler.    When transmission entities upgrade lines they often have to lower the rating of the lines while they work on the upgrade.  Occasionally the transmission entities enter the transmission downgrade into the network model but do not enter the transmission improvement until the line upgrade is nearly complete.  This places the transmission downgrade in the model for all the future months; including those far future months where the upgrade would almost certainly be complete.  Four solutions have been suggested. 

  1. TSPs submit 2 separate Network Operations Model Change Requests (NOMCRs), one a derate and one with a later start a rerate
  2. Set an end date for derate NOMCRs
  3. Add a flag that designates a NOMCR as temporary and use that flag on derate NOMCRs
  4. Implement derates via the outage scheduler

Options 2,3, and 4 require system changes; ERCOT prefers options 2 and 4. 

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