TWG 3/31/22 - CIMView

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TWG 3/31/22

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Speakers from ERCOT updated the current status of projects related to NPRR1093 (Load Resource Participation in Non-Spinning Reserve), NPRR863 (addressing both Fast-Frequency Response Advancement and Contingency Reserve Service changes), and PR353-01 (Battery Energy Storage Combo Model).  Strategies were discussed for keeping market participants in the loop on breaking technology changes.  A proposal for a public API for self-service access to expired data extracts was introduced.  The legacy MIS interface for accessing data extracts will be retired by 7/31/2022 in favor of the EMIL web UI, and plain HTTP access will be turned off in favor of HTTPS. Wei Qiu of NERC briefly talked about the declining number of EMS events. Reminder: TLS 1.0/1.1 is going away this summer.



  • Troy Anderson again noted that project management updates for technical work going on are covered in detail at PRS meetings. (Link to the 2/9/2022 PRS meeting) For those who want to dive into project status details, there is a spreadsheet at the website under Services -> Projects in the Key Documents section at the bottom: Revision Request Projects.  PR353-01 Battery Energy Storage Combo Model – on hold while trying to break up the project into more manageable pieces.
  • Matt Mereness updated us on progress of projects 
    • NPRR1093 (reporting changes detailed by J Lavas, rollout May 2022)
    • NPRR863 Phase 2 FFRA (re-planning initiated, rollout Oct 2022)
    • NPRR863/ECRS (planning initiated, rollout Mid 2023)  

A strategy for keeping QSEs in the loop on important changes was introduced:

  • Verified emails sent to QSE reps ahead of rollout
  • Earlier MOTE deployment
  • Change adoption progress measured over 7-week period ahead of rollout

If the plan if acceptable by members of TWG will present to TAC 

  • Venkat Tirupati responded to questions that were sent in
    • Suggestion for feature demos at TAC taken under advisement
  • Omar Soberanis presented a planned API for accessing data extracts.  The API will allow self-service access to expired reports with search results in JSON/XML/CSV. The initial effort is expected to be complete in about a year, and will cover public data that does not require a digital certificate.  API access will eventually be token based instead of using digital certificates.
  • Jamie Lavas notified the group that notifications will only be given for late extracts if the lateness violates protocol.
  • Leo Angele notified the group that the legacy mis public report functionality will be retired by 7/31/2022 in favor of the EMIL web portal at  All public reports are expected to be in EMIL by 4/30/2022.  HTTP access will be removed.  Public reports will still be available without a digital certificate.
  • Wei Qiu ( presented data showing that the number of EMS reports has been declining year over year.  He also discussed process improvements to be made in their database rollout. 
  • Venkat Tirupati provided the following quick updates:
    • Microsoft will end support for Internet Explorer in June 2022, so plan to switch to chromium based browsers like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.
    • TLS 1.0/1.1 will be deprecated this summer.
    • MOTE enhancements are on the way, there is a long timeline for these. 
    • SCR820 – Operator real time messaging will be forthcoming.  A tool used by California ISO was demonstrated to Ercot.
    • CIM 16 – some internal Ercot systems are consuming CIM 16 already, complete project could take 2-3 years, and changes will be communicated as it goes along

Discussed Issues

  • NPRR1093 (Load Resource Participation in Non-Spinning Reserve)
  • NPRR863/FFRA (Fast-Frequency Response Advancement)
  • NPRR863/ECRS (ERCOT Contingency Reserve Service)
  • SCR820 (Operator real time messaging)
  • API for Data Extracts
  • PR353-01 Battery Energy Storage Combo Model
  • CIM 16