PUC 3/31/22 - CIMView

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PUC 3/31/22

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

This meeting was mostly focused on non-electric issues, but they did discuss a new project (yet to be fully scoped) that would standardize the distributed generation interconnection process.


  • Wholesale Market Design – Commissioner Glotfelty talked about his memo regarding the need to standardize distribution interconnection.  (The memo referenced Hunt Energy/Jupiter/Broad Reach’s comments requesting a project addressing distributed generation interconnection processes).  All commissioners agreed that there should be a project.  McAdams wants added command/control ability for ERCOT into the project.  PUC staff will work with commissioner Glotfelty on scoping the project.
  • Wholesale Market Design Expert Advice Contractor – Two entities bid on the Wholesale Market Design Expert Advisor Contract (E3 and Potomac).  The commission delegated the selection/negotiation process to the Executive Director.


Discussed Issues