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PRS 11/10/21

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Well, this was one of the more eventful PRS meetings I can remember.  FFR advancement was indefinitely delayed (but very likely sometime next year), we got a tour of a website, some more information about securitization, the PUC’s requested voltage reduction NPRR was passed (not without a general sense that it wasn’t a very good idea, though), NPRR1106 was passed (making ERS much less attractive to provide), and then the discussion on NPRR1107 (charge resources $25k if their weatherization gets inspected) blew up and the meeting ran out of time.  Phew!  Because NPRR1107 and 1109 REALLY NEED TO HAPPEN (per the PUC), next week’s TAC has been cancelled and PRS will meet in its time slot to hash out NPRRs 1107 and 1109.  What a meeting!



  • In Troy’s project update, the news broke that the FFR implementation has been delayed, but not until February or March like earlier asked ofr at WMS, but indefinitely (probably in 2022, though).  ERCOT will make an attempt to roll it into the implementation of another NPRR with interface changing impacts (perhaps NPRR1093, allow loads to provide Non-Spin)
  • ERCOT gave a tour of the new website that is going live next week.  Mostly the same information, but in different locations and with different menus.  I say mostly the same information because they have temporarily gotten rid of anything more than seven years old (protocols, meeting items).  There was a lot of distress about that, so they will put that back, but it will be gone until sometime in Q1 next year.
  • NPRR1101 (Create NonSpin deployment groups randomly comprised of load and generation) was passed and sent to the TAC
  • Mark Ruane presented the same presentation on securitization that he did at last week’s WMS.  The average participant will get back 8.5% of their original short pay amount and can figure out a more accurate amount by asking their account representative.  
  • NPRR1103 was passed with LCRA’s (minor) edits and desktop edits to change collateral calls back to two days instead of five days.
  • NPRR1105 (allows ERCOT to deploy voltage reduction before EEA and conservation notices if they want to) was discussed.  People seemed uncomfortable with the idea even though it was a direct order from the PUC.  ERCOT clarified that since the load saved by voltage reduction is of limited duration, they would use it before EEA if it looked like it might be enough to keep us out of a conservation notice, but if it looked like we were headed into EEA2 or 3, they would hold off on pulling the trigger until it was needed.  The NPRR eventually passed with the addition of comments from TCPA that the amount of load reduction be added to the Reliability deployment price adder (no great idea on how to determine that amount, though)
  • NPRR1106 (deploy ERS before EEA but after all NonSpin deployed) was passed, though there was some concern that it would significantly reduce ERS participation.
  • NPRR1107 (charge fees of $25k to each generator that gets inspected for weatherization by ERCOT) ran into a buzz saw.  There was a lot of concern about how ERCOT couldn’t determine whether each GT and ST in a combined cycle would be charged the $25k, or if there would just be one charge for the whole train.  This and other issues made stakeholders very wary of voting on it, and they eventually ran out of time, as all the generators needed to go to the Winterization Attestation workshop.  
  • As NPRR1107 and NPRR1109 (Allow retired generators to come back into ERCOT without going through the interconnection process if they have been away for less than three years) needed to be discussed before TAC, but PRS ran out of time.  In a surprising and creative move, the TAC for 11/17/21 was cancelled, and a second PRS was scheduled in its place, strictly for those two NPRRs.


Discussed Issues

NPRR1107 (Weatherization Fees)