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NPRR1124 Allow Full Fuel Cost Recovery for RUC’d Units

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The Gist

Prior to NPRR1124 the maximum amount that resources receiving Reliabiity Unit Commitment (RUC) instructions were allowed to recover for start up and minimum energy was capped by the fuel index price (FIP) times a multiplier.  This NPRR would allow the operator of a RUC’d resource with gas costs over the FIP/multiplier determined cap to recover their costs via a settlement dispute.  Luminant stated at the 4/6/22 PRS that they have had resources that were not made whole for RUCs under the current protocols.

Important Actions

  • 3/9/22 ERCOT announces NPRR at PRS and submits NPRR
  • 4/6/22 NPR1124 passes PRS



Meeting Notes

4/6/22 PRS

3/9/22 PRS


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