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NPRR1101 Deploy Offline Non Spin in randomized groups

Table of Contents

The Gist

NPRR1101 was filed by ERCOT as a response to complaints made by generators to NPRR1093 (allow loads to provide NonSpin).  It directs ERCOT to create ~500MW buckets of NonSpin, randomly composed of load resources and off-line generation resources.  Market consensus was that this fixed the perceived unfairness of deploying generators carrying NonSpin before deploying loads carrying NonSpin.

Important Actions

  • 9/15/21 Generators submit complaint comments to NPRR1093
  • 10/20/21 ERCOT submits NPRR1101
  • 12/10/21 ERCOT board approves
  • 12/20/21 PUC approves
  •  5/24/22 Planned Implementation



Meeting Notes

11/10/21 PRS


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