BoD 12/10/21 - CIMView

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BoD 12/10/21

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

As the board fleshes out with new members, the board meetings are going back to their normal (kind of boring, if you’ve been following the issues) selves.  The new board members (Bill Flores, Zin Smati, Bob Flexon, and Jim Swainson) introduced themselves. Other than that, a lot of the meeting was ERCOT and the PUC congratulating each other about how well they’ve strengthened the grid so that last February never happens again and complaining that the press just doesn’t understand what a good job they’ve done.  Oh, and the start of in-person stakeholder meetings has been pushed back another month, to February 2022.




Bill Flores, former congressman, now ERCOT Vice Chair

Zin Smati, energy executive; most notably former CEO of GDF Suez

(Bill Flores and Zin Smati announcement)

John Swainson, technology executive, former head of the enterprise software division of Dell.

Bob Flexon, energy executive, most notably former CEO of Dynegy.

(Swainson and Flexon announcement)

A previously announced board member, Elaine Mendoza, was not seated as ERCOT realized that she could not be on the board of A&M (a market participant) and ERCOT.  So it goes.

The opening of the Met Center stakeholder meeting building has been delayed a little bit, from January to February.

All NPRRs that were considered were unanimously approved with no discussion. These were:

  • NPRR1077 (Self-limiting settlement only generators)
  • NPRR1091 (Changes how deployed Non-spin is considered in reliability price adder -should increase adder, and allows more self-arrangement of Non-Spin)
  • NPRR1094 (Allows TDSPs to shed under frequency relay load manually as long as they keep the required amounts of under frequency relay load on line)
  • NPRR1101 (creates Non-Spin deployment groups that are random mixes of resources and loads)
  • NPRR1103 ($800M Securitization of competitive entity defaults)
  • NPRR1104 (As-built of Real-Time Liability Extrapolated collateral determination component)
  • NPRR1107 (Weatherization inspection fees)
  • NPRR1105 (ERCOT can deploy voltage reduction before conservation alert)
  • NPRR1106 (ERCOT can deploy Emergency Reserve Service before declaring an Emergency or conservation alert)
  • NPRR1109 (ERCOT can let retired resources back into the market without the interconnection studies if they think everything is pretty much the same and it has been less than three years)

The 2022 Technical Advisory Committee (top stakeholder committee, voted on by ERCOT member companies) were approved.  Generation segment representatives are:

  • Ian Haley – Luminant
  • Bob Helton – Engie
  • Bryan Sams – Calpine
  • Caitlin Smith – Jupiter

(Should you want to meet any of those four, I would be happy to put you in contact with them)

The Lower Rio Grande Valley $1.3B project was approved and designated as critical.

And finally, the price correction associated with the misapplication of the North Edinburg/Rio Lobo Generic Transmission Constraint error was approved.