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BoD 01/17-18/22

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

The new ERCOT Board of Directors met for the first meeting with the whole group.  Most of the meeting was held in executive session, with only four topics discussed in the general (open to the public) session. Of the topics discussed in the general session, the most interesting one for stakeholders was corporate governance.  The models for corporate governance (including stakeholder process) of the various ISOs and RTOs were presented and it is clear that they are all on the table as possible models for ERCOT to change to.  At the least, it seems like there is strong interest in changing up the Board Subcommittee structure. 


  • Weatherization Update
    • Many questions about the gas system;it is clearly an area of concern of the board, though not in their direct responsibility.  ERCOT responded that, although they don’t have control over the pipelines they are working hard to get more visibility.
  • Overview on Corporate Governance
    • ERCOT (Jonathan Levine) gave a compare and contrast discussion about corporate governance between the various RTOs and ISOs and a general rundown on the current stakeholder engagement process in ERCOT.
    • There were some hints given that the current stakeholder process/board committee process will not be the future one, but not many hints on what the future one will look like
    • Some questions were asked which seemed to point to a desire to have less direct engagement in approving every single rule change, at least by some of the board members.
  • ERCOT Project Portfolio Overview 
    • ERCOT (Adam Martinez, Troy Anderson, Mandy Bauld) presented on the general ERCOT project process and the current status of ERCOT projects.
    • John Swainson in particular seemed to think that there were better ways to go about the projects than are currently being done.
  • New meeting dates
    • The board was given the option to change the meeting dates for the rest of the year.  As of the end of the public portion of the meeting, only the February Meeting was changed (to March 7-8)



Discussed Issues