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Battery Single Model (NPRR1002,1014)

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The Gist

Using a single model for battery storage (rather than a generation resource and a Controllable Load Resource) is introduced in NPRRs 1002 and 1014.  The protocols are written on top of the Real-Time Co-optimization NPRRs, and as such currently need to be implemented after Real-Time Co-optimization.  This dependency could be changed, however, by rewriting the protocols.   

Important Actions

  • 2/23/2022 ERCOT announces at TAC that single model battery NPRRs are built on top of RTC NPRRs, and unless the Board changes that, single model battery won’t be able to go-live until after RTC (2027 or 2028).  ERCOT suggests that TAC might want to consider that order in the future.


NPRR1002 Single Model registration and charging during emergency limitations

NPRR1014 Single Model

Meeting Notes

3/31/22 TWG

2/23/22 TAC


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