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Real Time Co-Optimization (NPRR1007-1013)

Table of Contents

The Gist

Real-Time Co-optimization (in the ERCOT sense) refers to a set of rule changes that would enable ERCOT to choose the most efficient set of resources to provide Ancillary Services in its real time market.  The Public Utility Commission said that ERCOT should implement it in 2019,  but then it was delayed 

Important Actions

  • 1/17/2019 PUC determines that ERCOT should implement Real-Time Co-Optimization, memorialized in this memo
  • 4/27/2021 ERCOT announces split of RTC project from EMS Upgrade; anticipates new go-live date of mid-2026.
  • 1/31/2022 ERCOT updates TAC that some of the budget/funding for RTC has been spent on other priorities (e.g. Weatherization initiatives) and the Board would need to approve any restart of the project.  Assuming the Board does approve a post EMS Upgrade restart of the project, the earliest go-live date would be 2027 (3.5 years after the restart of the project).
  • 2/23/2022 ERCOT announces at TAC that single model battery NPRRs are built on top of RTC NPRRs, and unless the Board changes that, single model battery won’t be able to go-live until after RTC (2027 or 2028).  ERCOT suggests that TAC might want to consider that order in the future.


NPRR1007(ERCOT)– Management activities for the ERCOT System

NPRR1008(ERCOT)– Day-Ahead Operations

NPRR1009(ERCOT)– Transmission Security and RUC

NPRR1010(ERCOT)– Adjustment Period and Real-Time

NPRR1011(ERCOT)– Performance Monitoring

NPRR1012(ERCOT)- Settlements

NPRR1013(ERCOT)– Miscellaneous

Meeting Notes

2/23/22 TAC

1/31/22 TAC


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