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NPRR930 Advanced Action Notices and Outage Schedule Adjustments

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The Gist

NPRR930 clarifies the process that ERCOT can use to delay or cancel outages.  It first has to post an Advance Action Notice (AAN) a minimum of 24 hours before adjusting a resource’s outage schedule.  Further, resources can change their outage types to Forced to prevent ERCOT from adjusting their outage schedule.  Finally if a resource’s outage schedule is changed by ERCOT via an Outage Schedule Adjustment (OSA) they will be made whole to their costs. 

Important Actions

  • 10/8/19 Board approves NPRR930
  •  7/1/20 Phase 1 effective
  • October 2021 three AANs issued by ERCOT



Meeting Notes

11/15/21 WMWG


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