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NPRR1081 Include Firm Load Shed in Reliability Deployment Price Adder Calculation

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The Gist

NPRR1081 was filed by ERCOT and the independent market monitor (IMM) as a response to the unexpectedly low prices (i.e. less than $9000/MWh) during the first day of Winter Storm Uri.  The thought being that if firm load is being shed the prices should be set to the value of lost load (VOLL).  During Winter Storm Uri ERCOT and the commission took extraordinary steps to force the price to VOLL, but this NPRR should allow that to happen naturally whenever firm load is being shed.

Important Actions

  • 6/3/21 ERCOT/IMM file original NPRR
  • 6/9/21 Payless Power files comments saying that firm load was in the initial draft of the RDPA but was rejected by the market at the time, and thus should not be added.
  • 6/22/21 PUC Staff files supportive comments for NPRR1081.
  • 6/28/21 ERCOT board approves 

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