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NPRR1067 Post Green Hat Requirements

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The Gist

In the wake of the Green Hat scandal in PJM, ERCOT decided to strengthen its entry requirements and review of market participants with this NPRR.  It creates a new background check and perform more rigorous credit scrutiny of market participants, particularly changing its creditworthiness assessment.  It currently needs to be adjusted to account for parts that have already been enacted by NPRR1073.

Important Actions

  • 1/27/21 NPRR1067 submitted by ERCOT
  • 3/9/21 NPRR1067 tabled by WMS




Meeting Notes

1/19/21 CWG MCWG

11/11/21 CWG MCWG

10/20/21 CWG MCWG


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