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Goal for Natural Gas

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The Gist

As part of Senate Bill 7 (1999), which deregulated the electricity market in Texas, there is a provision that at least 50% of new generation build in Texas, excluding renewables, needs to be natural gas, reportedly placed in the bill by/at the behest of Rep. Tommy Merritt.  The relevant (to this issue) text of the bill states “Sec. 39.9044.  GOAL FOR NATURAL GAS.  (a)  It is the intent of the legislature that 50 percent of the megawatts of generating capacity installed in this state after January 1, 2000, use natural gas.  To the extent permitted by law, the commission shall establish a program to encourage utilities to comply with this section by using natural gas produced in this state as the preferential fuel.  This section does not apply to generating capacity for renewable energy technologies.”  

Important Actions

  • 2/10/22 PUC Open Meeting -Commissioners for 3-1 to approve annual calculation of how much of the generation built in 2021 was natural gas powered.  Commissioner McAdams abstained because he felt that renewable generation should have been included in the calculation.


Senate Bill 7 (1999)

Meeting Notes

2/10/22 PUC Open Meeting



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