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FFR (Fast Frequency Reserve RRS)

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The Gist

Under NPRR863 Responsive Reserve Service (RRS) was essentially split up into its component elements; 1) ERCOT Contingency Reserve Service (ECRS), the portion of RRS that has to come online within ten minutes and replace resources that have tripped offline; 2) RRS Fast Frequency Reserve (FFR) – Resources (mostly batteries) that can respond within 15 cycles and hold their output for 15 minutes, (3) RRS-Under Frequency Relay -Resources that are providing RRS via high set under frequency relays and 4) RRS-PFR, resources that are providing RRS via governors or similar acting technology.

Important Actions

  • 2/12/19  ERCOT BoD passes NPRR863
  • 10/6/22 FFR Advancement Project implemented (planned)



Meeting Notes

1/13/22 PRS