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Corporate Governance

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The Gist

Under Senate Bill 2 the ERCOT Board consists of three ex officio members (Chair of the PUC, non-voting, CEO of ERCOT, non-voting, and Public Counsel for OPUC, voting) and eight independent members appointed by a three member board selection committee.  One of the board selection committee members is appointed by the Governor, one by the Lieutenant Governor, and one by the Speaker of the House.

Currently (1/18/22) the board has a Finance and Audit Committee and an HR and Governance Committee.

Stakeholders participate through the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and its subcommittees, Wholesale Market Subcommittee, Reliability and Operations Subcommittee(ROS), Protocol Revision Subcommittee (PRS), and Retail Market Subcommittee (RMS) and their respective working groups.   

Important Actions

  • 6/8/21 Texas Legislature passes Senate Bill 2
  • 1/17/22 ERCOT Governance reform is a subject of discussion at the ERCOT Board of Directors meeting.
  • 3/8/22 ERCOT Board adds a (third) committee, Reliability and Markets to the existing committees.


Senate Bill 2

Meeting Notes

3/30/22 TAC

3/7/22-3/8/22 BoD

1/17-18/22 BoD

10/22/21 BoD