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Backstop Reliability Service

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The Gist

Backstop Reliability Service (BRS) is one of the major new programs envisioned by the PUC in the phase 2 of its market redesign blueprint.  BRS provides payments to resources to withhold themselves from the market until there are emergency conditions.  This will cause the price to increase and thus provide incentives for more resources to get built.  While it is unlikely that any new plants will get built in order to provide BRS, it is possible that some resources that would have otherwise retired will stay online because of the BRS payments.

Important Actions

  • 12/6/21 PUC includes BRS in the market redesign blueprint 


Senate Bill 3 (enrolled version text)

Phase 1 and 2 Market Reform Blueprint

Meeting Notes

2/10/22 PUC Open Meeting

1/13/22 PUC Open Meeting


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