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Navigate the ERCOT Marketplace Like an Expert

At CIMView, we help you navigate the ERCOT marketplace so you can make intelligent decisions. With over 15 years of experience, we combine quality consulting services with data-driven solutions.


Trusted for Nearly Two Decades

When it comes to the ERCOT marketplace and the wholesale electric market, we’ve put in the time to understand it on a different level. Our clients turn to us, not just for the assistance, but also for the partnership we provide.

Deep ERCOT Knowledge

We pair our knowledge of the ERCOT marketplace with automated software and reporting solutions to give clients more insights.

Robust ERCOT Network

Our connections inform who we are. We have strong ties within the ERCOT network, so you’ll know exactly who to talk to and when.

Insightful Analytical Tools

CIM View has data tools that take ERCOT data and process it to give you next level insights.

Explore Our Services

Imagine your Regulatory Affairs team, backed by the power of data. At CIMView, we combine the best of both worlds so you can be more empowered.

Meeting Notes

Get a handle on current issues with indexed and categorized summaries of ERCOT meetings and smart commentary. Track issues from a chronological meeting list or by one of our 150+ topic tracking pages.

Phone a Friend

With an ad hoc consulting retainer you’ll have access to expert level ERCOT knowledge just a text or a call away.

ERCOT Battery Insights

Batteries are becoming a more and more important part of the ERCOT market. Our CEO, Steve Reedy is widely regarded as one of the premier experts in the interaction between batteries and the ERCOT market. 

Turn challenges into opportunities. Get fair prices, track the market with precision, and truly understand the playing field.

Have questions? Contact our team or call us at 512-937-3048.

What People Are Saying

Hear from people we’ve worked with.

The Numbers Say It All

Don’t take it from us. The numbers say it all.

50+ data tables

with key ERCOT data updated daily

150+ topics

updated with news from the latest ERCOT meetings

previous 60+ CRR auctions

Available for Option Price Calculator

Data & Software

Discover how we unleash the power of data and technology to help you make better decisions.

CIM Insight

Translate the detailed ERCOT node/breaker CIM Model into an analyzable .raw file, station one-line diagrams, and other supporting reports, including up to date transmission outage information.

Historical Viewer

View resource by resource output/consumption, prices, limits, bids and offers in an easy to navigate graphical format.

Option Pricer

ERCOT doesn’t publish CRR option prices for unbid paths; our Option Pricer fills that gap.  Whether you want to know how parts of your portfolio would have cleared for Mark-to-Market purposes, or you are backcasting a new strategy, CIM View’s Option Pricer has you covered.

Latest News and Articles

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